The Presence and Use of Interactive Features on News Websites

Although interactive features, such as comment sections are now the norm on news websites. Based on theoretical concepts of interactivity and convergence, we analyze whether diverse sites are similar in the provision and use of interactive features online. Results reveal many differences in the adoption and use of interactive features based on medium and target. Reasons for differences across these sites are discussed.

Reciprocal Journalism: A concept of mutual exchange between journalists and audiences

Abstract: Drawing on a structural theory of reciprocity, this essay introduces the idea of reciprocal journalism: a way of imagining how journalists might develop more mutually beneficial relationships with audiences across three forms of exchange—direct, indirect, and sustained types of reciprocity. We introduce this concept in the context of community journalism but also discuss its relevance for journalism broadly.

Storytelling Neighborhood: Paths to Belonging in Diverse Urban Environments

This article develops and tests a communication infrastructure model of belonging among dwellers of urban residential environments. Storytelling neighborhood, the communication process through which neighborhood discussion transforms people from occupants of a house to members of a neighborhood, is proposed as an essential component of people’s paths to belonging.