Community-Centered Outlets Empower and Inform Latinos

This CJR article explores the significant role of Community-Centered Ethnic Media Outlets (CCEMOs) in empowering and informing Latino communities amid the rise of misinformation. Highlighting the limitations of mainstream Spanish-language media in countering misinformation, the piece details a study showing that exposure to CCEMOs like El Tímpano and Enlace Latino NC increases political engagement and knowledge among Latinos.

How Decibel is Reaching Communities in Central Texas

Decibel is an Austin PBS project working to engage underserved communities in central Texas. Each year, the staff chooses a new community to cover and work to bring the community into the story production process. They produce in-depth stories based on what the community tells them they care about at listening sessions. 

How El Tímpano Is Creating a Healthy News Ecosystem for Immigrant Communities

The organization works in collaboration with its audience to engage in two-way reporting via text message. This model replaces things like Facebook groups, which can fuel the spread of misinformation and amplify political polarization within communities. El Tímpano provides its audiences with access to the information they need from a source that’s earned their trust.